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Library Carpentry with Belinda Weaver

Library Carpentry is made by librarians, for librarians to help you:

  • automate repetitive, boring, error-prone tasks

  • create, maintain and analyse sustainable and reusable data

  • work effectively with IT and systems colleagues

  • better understand the use of software in research

“I think training should be viewed as two-fold - helping people do their own jobs better but also thinking about which bits might be good for researchers to learn too. I would much rather see librarians teaching a tool like OpenRefine to researchers than EndNote! I think people should come along with the idea that they are helping themselves develop new skills that will help them stay employed in a highly disruptive technological environment, and that will also help researchers do more efficient, reproducible science (and thus help demonstrate the value librarians can bring to those researchers).”

- Belinda Weaver

Check out the schedule and setup from this workshop Belinda taught previously https://weaverbel.github.io/2017-08-21-nsla-nla/ to get an idea of what you’ll be in for… The UC Library can supply laptops, already setup, for this workshop.

Read the NSLA profile of Belinda Weaver and Library Carpentry for further information: http://www.nsla.org.au/news/profile-belinda-weaver

Contact Alison McIntyre or Stuart Broughton for further details of Belinda’s workshop at UC (http://www.canterbury.ac.nz/library/contact-us/)

Monday, November 20, 2017
9:00am - 5:00pm
Poutama (Central Library Level 3)
Library Carpentry Software Carpentry

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Stuart Broughton